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    Sundays 7 am Fox 26 Houston. Tony Diaz takes on the far right on "What's Your Point?" live. Catch one fo the few Chicano pundits in the nation on TV.
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    Tuesdays 6pm 90.1 FM Houston, TX. The NP Radio Show Tony Diaz interviews the writers, activists, & intellectuals leading the Latinx Renaissance.
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    Tuesdays 2pm 90.1 FM Houston, TX. Latino Politics And News Tony Diaz profoundly examines politics from a Latino perspective.


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Tony Diaz - Writer, Activist, Political Pundit
Latinos are one of the most talked about demographics in the nation at the same time there are few of us telling the world our point of view on mainstream media on a local, statewide, or national level. 

Yes, there are some voices, but there are not enough places that address the deeper and more intellectual issues facing our communiites. These same issues influence our relationship to every other group in the nation. 

At the exact moment our views need to be heard and understood we have the least access. 

Tony Diaz, El Librotraficante, is a writer, activist, and professor who has worked with other artists and activists to do something about that. 
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Sundays 7a-8a: Fox 26 Houston
There are few places where I can publish the stories I want to tell. Of course, it is clear to me that we have to do everything ourselves. So on that note, I've started this weekly column on my blog "The Cultural Accelerator". Stop by every Tuesday at 2 pm for another dose. 
Evey week is different. Every week features writers, thinkers, activists, leaders who are changing the world. We begin with a Latino perspective, but we take every issue to a universal level, and we have an excellent affirmative action program. Tuesdays 6p-7p cst 90.1 FM KPFT, Houston. 
 I'm tired of hearing how terrible our community is. I'm standing up for us, and I'm telling it like it is. Identity politics has changed in a huge way. Tune in to catch up. Sundays live 7am-8am on "What's Your Point?" on Fox 26 Houston, with behind-the-scenes FB Live. 
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